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P-79, Sheikhupura Road, Ashrafabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Trading Co LLC, Ajman Industrial 2, UAE.

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Jaguar Pvt is thrilled to unveil our ambitious Dyeing Plan for 2024. With cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices, we aim to revolutionize the dyeing industry, setting new standards for sustainability.
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Embark on your knitting journey with Jaguar Pvt's expertly curated Knitting Plan by 2024. Elevate your skills, explore new techniques, and create masterpieces with our tailored program designed for enthusiasts.
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Explore our men's hooded zipper and trousers in knitted fabric totaling 40,000 KG dyed to perfection. Our ladies' collection includes knitted tops, hooded zippers, trousers, and leggings with 3,000 units produced daily.
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40+Years Of Business

Welcome To Jaguar

Manufacturers and Exporters of Organic Knitted Apparel

At Jaguar Pvt, we've been a trusted name in knitwear since 1984. Our commitment to crafting superior quality apparel has made us a global go-to choice. With three decades of experience, we stand tall in Faisalabad, Pakistan, as one of the largest and foremost apparel manufacturers. Each garment we produce at Jaguar Pvt is a story of style, quality, and innovation—a testament to our enduring legacy of trust and distinction.

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Our Global Impact

Crafting a Global Impact in Fashion, Reliability, and Sustainability.

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We’ll Ensure You Always Get the Best Products.

At Jaguar Pvt, we don't just produce garments; we craft stories of style, quality, and innovation. Every stitch contributes to shaping an enduring legacy of trust and distinction.


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As the world evolves, so do our commitments. Our focus on sustainable materials and certifications reflects our dedication to producing goods sustainably while upholding transparency and ethical practices.