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P-79, Sheikhupura Road, Ashrafabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Trading Co LLC, Ajman Industrial 2, UAE.

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+92 300 8662747
+971 50 936 1747

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Jaguar Pvt is a complete state-of-the-art Textile mill. Established in 1951, The company has earned its name among the pioneers in the manufacturing & exporting of the country’s textile sector. With its own Knitting & Dying Plant, it has the perk to maintain fabrication in-house. With its huge capacity for Cutting & Sewing, it can produce up to 4500 garments every 12 hours. Its quality department has helped the company earn its rank in the International market. To sum it all up it is a complete Knit-to-pack institute run by a very passionate team. It produces every type of knitwear article & has served the top-notch companies/brands around the globe. With a labor force of 6000+, it has also made an excellent working environment for the employees. As the management feels that “if the employee will not be healthy & happy to work, they will strive”​ It has been certified & acknowledged by BSCI, ISO 9001/9002. The company has recently gone Green and has been doing a ton of social work in the country. It has also made efforts to produce Eco-friendly products. It is certified & internationally acknowledged for producing Ezo-Free goods. It is also been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Very recently it has been working with & even producing garments from Bamboo cotton. The company feels that it “has a role to play in making the world a better place”, and looking over its massive work in such areas proves it. I am very much proud to have a company like in my home country, It has found a way to succeed in all aspects, Environment, Society and of course in the manufacturing industry.