jaguar (pvt) ltd clothing manufacturing company

a complete yarn to pack setup

production overview

Fabric Processing

With our in house knitting and dyeing house we are able to produce top quality fabrics and also maintain a premium quality standard. 

Fabric Spreading and Cutting

Auto CAD/CAM System From Investronica to cut the fabric accurately and efficiently to avoid unnecessary wastage.


Our all women department is a state of the art facility where we help train and support our women to empower and excel in their careers in the industry.

Metal Detection

During production it is very common to have small particles of needles broken into the garment. We have complete traceability for every needle that is broken from last the 3 years according to the order number ,dates , needle batch number etc. When our garment has left the production floor , 100% of the production is passed through our metal detectors made by safeline which can detect even the smallest particle of metal (1.5mm to 2.5 mm) 

Enterprise Resource Management System

With a complete digitised production and management system we are able to work in a more efficiect and ethical way . It helps us keep records of our employees working hours in check as well as tracing all our customers’ orders in real time at every stage. In this way , we are able able to meet our shipment on time and keeping our customer satisfied.